Uber Update Makes It Easier to Delete Accounts and Control How Their Location Data Is Used
Image: Uber

Uber Update Makes It Easier to Delete Accounts and Control How Their Location Data Is Used

Users can now start the account deletion process within the app instead of contacting Uber

April 28, 2017

In what may be an attempt to salvage its reputation, ride-sharing company Uber has now made it easier for users to control how their location information is used and even delete their accounts from the app.

Until this time, customers could delete the app from their devices, but this would not cancel their account. In order to do that, they had to contact the company's customer service department.

A new update lets users initiate the deletion of their Uber account from within the app and purge all of their information, including any payment card data that Uber may have stored.

For customers who want to continue using Uber's services, the update also installed new settings that will let them control how much access the app has to their location at any given moment. The app can even be set not to take any location information from the device at all; in this case, the user has to manually type his or her address.

Users can also now share their locations with friends, a convenient feature for meeting up.

The company claims that the #DeleteUber campaign that arose on social media recently is not related to this change in the account deletion process. However, it seems likely that negative pressure arising from this week's revelations of Uber's misuse of customer data did play a part.

It was revealed in a New York Times article on April 23 that Uber used an app called Unroll.me to scan customers' inboxes, collect any e-receipts sent by competitor company Lyft, and buy their anonymized data in an attempt to determine Lyft's business health.