Victims of Online Directory Scam will Receive Refund Checks

Victims of Online Directory Scam will Receive Refund Checks
Image: Pixabay
December 7, 2015

Small businesses and churches that were duped in an online directory scam will be getting some cash just in time for the holidays.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is mailing about 775 checks totaling more than $444,000 to businesses that lost money in a scam run by a Montreal-based operation.

In 2013, the FTC charged the Online Public Yellow Pages defendants with billing small businesses and churches in the United States for unwanted directory listings. The court temporarily halted the scheme and froze their assets, and in 2014, the court entered a default judgment that ended the operation.

Affected consumers will receive checks representing the full amount they paid; the average amount is $574.66. Consumers should deposit or cash the checks within 60 days of the mailing date. The FTC never requires consumers to pay money or to provide information before refund checks can be cashed.

Consumers who receive checks and have questions can contact the FTC's refund administrator, Analytics, at (844) 828-4439.