Visit a Shred Event in Your Area to Help Prevent Identity Theft

Properly disposing of the documents you no longer need is an easy way to help protect your identity

Visit a Shred Event in Your Area to Help Prevent Identity Theft
Image: Pixabay
June 3, 2016

Are your drawers and filing cabinets starting to overflow? It's probably a good time to sift through them and purge all the documents you no longer need.

Often these documents contain sensitive information, like account numbers, addresses, and sometimes social security numbers. This kind of information is incredibly valuable to those looking to steal your identity.

The safest way to dispose of these documents is by shredding them.

If you don't have a shredder, or have just too many documents for your home shredder to handle, you can attend a number of public shred-a-thons that are being held throughout the state in the coming months.

A full listing of upcoming shred events can be found on the interactive map below. We try to keep the map as updated as possible by adding new events and removing those that have already happened.

Quick reference: Credit card bills and the like can be thrown away after a year, while things like life insurance policies should be held onto indefinitely. Anything related to your income taxes should be held onto for at least seven years.

Use the map below to find a shred event near you!