Volkswagen Offers Goodwill Package to Diesel Vehicle Owners

Volkswagen Offers Goodwill Package to Diesel Vehicle Owners
Image: Volkswagen
November 9, 2015

The Volkswagen Group of America has taken its first crack at appeasement in connection with the deceptive emission software scandal.

According to a release titled "We're Working to Make Things Right", Volkswagen is offering the "2.0L TDI Customer Goodwill Package" to registered owners of affected diesel vehicles. The package includes a $500 prepaid Visa Loyalty card, a $500 voucher to be used at any Volkswagen dealership, and three years of roadside assistance service.

"We sincerely hope you see this as a first step toward restoring your invaluable trust," the release states.

All vehicles listed in the recall are included in this offer, except for the Touareg TDI.

Owners should visit and input their VINs to see if their vehicle qualifies. If it does, you will receive the Goodwill Package in the mail within four weeks. Owners will then be required to bring the Goodwill Package to a Volkswagen dealership for the gifts to be activated.

The automaker has ceased all advertisements for diesel models as it awaits government approval to restart sales of the vehicles.