Wake Expects Population to Hit 1 Million This Week

Wake Expects Population to Hit 1 Million This Week
Image: Pexels

After steady growth during the past decade, Wake County is expected to hit a seven-figure population this week.

Using a mathematical formula, that is better explained by this video, Wake County planners have projected that the one millionth resident will either be born or move in by Aug. 22. There is a 65 percent chance that the resident will relocate into the county and a 35 percent chance the new resident will be born to Wake-living parents.

Wake County's current growth rate is 62 people per day, with 40 of those residents moving into the county and the remaining 12 considered a natural increase related to deaths and births.

On average, nine people from within North Carolina relocate into the county, but the vast majority, 22 people, will come from different states. North Carolina is still a prime location for Yankees from New York (five per day), New Jersey (three per day), and Pennsylvania and Ohio (two per day) who are calling Wake home.

The majority of migrants are finding themselves in Raleigh and Cary.