Walmart Stops Price Matching Local Competitors' Ads at Certain Locations
Image: Pixabay

Walmart Stops Price Matching Local Competitors' Ads at Certain Locations

The retail chain has decided to lower its prices instead of matching those of its competitors

August 10, 2016

Retail giant Walmart first began to stop matching the prices of local competitors in May. At that time, 500 stores were included in the policy change. Now 300 more locations are no longer offering the service.

According to Consumerist, the change went into effect on August 1. Walmart confirmed the change in a statement to the consumer advocacy site and explained the rationale behind the decision.

"Because we believe you don't have to trade down or sacrifice quality to save money," the representative said, "Customers are finding new savings in select markets as we lower prices on our assortment of national brands and quality private brand items they want."

Before the implementation of the new policy, customers could bring in ads from local competitors and purchase items at the prices charged by those competitors if they were lower than those of Walmart.

Now the chain is simply lowering its own prices instead of matching those of the competition. However, this change is only occurring at certain stores, and Walmart is not identifying which stores are affected. If customers want to know if their location's policy has changed, they may have to actually go to the store to find out.

"The changes are being announced in-store with blue signs at registers," reports Consumerist. "And managers will be on hand to assist customers."

Nevertheless, Walmart is eager to reassure customers concerned that they will now have to pay more for items that they were often able to price match, such as groceries and paper products.

"We understand Ad Match provided an additional layer of reassurance for customers," the representative explained. "That's why we're working hard to deliver upfront low prices that customers can trust every day of the week."