Wendy's Data Breach Exposes Consumer Credit, Debit Card Information
Image: Pixabay

Wendy's Data Breach Exposes Consumer Credit, Debit Card Information

The cyberattack originated in late fall 2015, according to a statement from the company

July 7, 2016

The Wendy's Company has issued an update to customers who may have had private information compromised as part of malicious data breach.

The fast-food giant believes that this cyberattack originated in late fall 2015 when criminals deployed malware to some franchisees' point of sale (POS) systems, collecting consumers' cardholder names, credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates, cardholder verification values, and service codes. The three- or four-digit card verification value (CVV) on the back of many cards was not compromised.

Wendy's is offering fraud consultation and identity restoration services to all customers who used a payment card at a potentially affected restaurant during the time when the restaurant may have been affected. To contact a consultant, call (866) 779-0485.

"We are committed to protecting our customers and keeping them informed. We sincerely apologize to anyone who has been inconvenienced as a result of these highly sophisticated, criminal cyberattacks involving some Wendy's restaurants," said Todd Penegor, in a statement. Penegor is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Wendy's Company. "We have conducted a rigorous investigation to understand what has occurred and apply those learnings to further strengthen our data security measures."

For North Carolina consumers with questions about this data breach, you can contact the North Carolina Attorney General's Office.