Yamaha Recalls YZFR1 and XTZ12 Motorcycles

Yamaha Recalls YZFR1 and XTZ12 Motorcycles
Image: Pixabay
February 24, 2014

Yamaha Motor Corporation is recalling approximately 24,000 model year 2009-2013 YZFR1 and model year 2012-2013 XTZ12 motorcycles.

Use of the headlight on the affected motorcycles may generate enough heat to cause the headlight bulb connections to expand, resulting in arcing in the headlight bulb socket which could cause the socket to overheat, melt and cause the headlight to malfunction.

A headlight failure reduces the rider's ability to see clearly, as well as the motorcycle's visibility to oncoming vehicle traffic, which increases the risk of a crash.

Yamaha will notify the owners of all recalled YZFR1 and XTZ12 motorcycles, and Yamaha dealers will replace the headlight socket free of charge.

To find out more about this recall, contact Yamaha toll-free at 800-962-7926.