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Gift Cards

IRS Scam Again Targeting Consumers With Recorded Messages Threatening Arrest Unless You Pay

The IRS scam is again and targeting unsuspecting people who have fear of being arrested for unpaid taxes. It's just another variation of common scams already making the rounds that threaten arrest in exchange for iTunes gift cards. The goal is to feed on your fears and get you to make hasty payments through means that offer you no possibility of getting your money back. Just hang up on these scams.

Close Up Credit Card Chip

If You Lose Your Credit or Debit Card Only to Find It a Short Time Later, Cancel It Anyway

Have you ever lost your wallet or purse? Or maybe you've given your credit or debit card to a cashier only to walk away without it? Well, you're not alone. It's happened to pretty much everyone at one time or another. If you lose your credit or debit card only to find it a short time later, you may think nothing more of it. But you really should consider canceling the card and requesting a new one.

Car Crash

Your Auto Insurance Premium Changes Based Upon Insurance Points Each Time You File a Claim

Filing a claim with your auto insurance company will usually leave you paying higher premiums for a few years, especially if there was a lot of damage. But how much more money will you end up paying? Filing an insurance claim might not be so bad on your wallet depending upon your insurance company, insurance discounts, the amount of the claim, and the number of insurance points you've accumulated.

Laptop Computer

Should You Buy Refurbished Products or Just Spend the Extra Money for Something Brand New?

Electronics items are hot sellers when it comes to refurbished merchandise. Refurbished electronics, after all, are much cheaper than buying something brand new. But many consumers have questions about whether this type of product, or any product, is worth the risk that comes with the lower price tag. Should you chose refurbished? It really all comes down to the cost and who did the refurnishing.

TV Remote Control

Scam Alert: Don't Fall for Fake Heavily Discounted Phone, Internet or Cable Service Offer

Who doesn't want to save money? You probably pay a lot of money for your monthly phone, cable or Internet bill. So it's good news when the company calls you with an offer to significantly lower those bills. But not so fast! Scammers are taking advantage of your desire to save money. So if you receive a call from someone who claims to be able to drastically lower your bill, it's probably a scam.

Car Driving

Your Credit History and Your Credit Score Can Raise or Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums

Your credit history affects the price you pay for new credit, such as mortgages, car loans and credit cards. But your credit history may also affect the price you pay for car insurance with insurance companies, which can cut into your budget. So unless you live in California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts where the practice has been banned, you should know how your credit can affect your premiums.

Cars Under Water

Beware of Flooded Cars Resurfacing on a Car Lot Near You With No Mention of Water Damage

Have you ever wondered what happens to flood-damaged cars once the water recedes? Many of those cars turn up for sale on car lots across the country after being sold at auction. Most sellers will disclose the previous flood damage. But sometimes unscrupulous sellers will pass flood damage on to unsuspecting buyers who pay top dollar for cars that end up giving them a lot of problems down the road.

Scam Alert

Be on the Lookout for Home Repair Scams and Shady Contractors Following Natural Disasters

Preparing for an approaching hurricane or other weather disaster is stressful enough without worrying about scammers who want to take advantage of the situation and steal your money in your time of need. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing repairs after a storm, know what to look for to help you separate good contractors from scammers and cheats looking for a quick payday.

Vintage Front Door

Seven Key Things You Need to Know About Your Home Insurance Policy Before Disaster Strikes

Looking over your homeowners insurance policy can be challenging and confusing. But with more insurance companies inserting provisions to shift risk and costs to homeowners, a careful read is more important than ever! You don't want to find out that your policy doesn't cover certain types of damage when you call to make a claim. So here are seven things you should know now about your policy.

Car Instrument Cluster

You Shouldn't Ignore These Warning Lights if They Show Up on Your Car's Instrument Cluster

Cars today have lots of bells and whistles. If you are used to driving an older car, some of the new warning lights can seem confusing. While there are indeed new warning lights that have been added with new technology, many haven't changed over the decades. Ignoring these warning lights, which are there to alert you to a potential problem, can leave you stranded or cause further costly damage.

Full Refrigerator

Food Safety Tips: Keeping Your Perishable Foods Safe is Critical Whenever Your Lose Power

Anytime your power goes out due to high winds, snow, ice, thunderstorms, hurricanes, floods, fire, or anything that causes electrical failure, the safety of the food inside your refrigerator and freezer is immediately jeopardized. Knowing how to determine if food is safe and how to keep it safe will help you minimize the potential loss of food spoilage and reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

Storm Damage Tree

Do These Things to Make Getting Fair Insurance Settlements After a Natural Disaster Easier

No matter how much we prepare for the next big storm, recovery is never an easy process. So in order to make working with your insurance company and recovering from a natural disaster a little bit easier, you should make sure to do these key things now. If you wait too long, don't keep good records, or don't even know what your insurance policy covers, you can find yourself under even more stress.

People on Street

You Can Protect Yourself From Identity Theft by Keeping Your Private Information Private

The Internet is so prevalent in our day-to-day lives that we often give little thought to our privacy as we browse our social media feeds or reorder dog food. But it's more important than ever in our connected world to safeguard our information from identity thieves. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of having your identity stolen, whether online or offline.

Five and Ten Dollar Bills Close Up

Only Slight Changes to Federal Income Tax Brackets for Income Tax Returns Due April 2020

The Tax Jobs and Cuts Act of 2017 brought a number of sweeping changes to the tax laws that affected how much taxpayers paid starting with their 2018 federal income tax returns. As is usually the case every year, the federal income tax brackets have once again been updated. This time, however, they reflect only a small change for the 2019 tax year as compared to the broad changes we saw for 2018.

Airport Baggage Claim Sign

Take a Few Precautions Now to Make Sure Your Luggage Goes Where You Go on Your Next Flight

If you've ever lost luggage when flying, you know how frustrating it can be to get it back. It is particularly irritating because there is almost nothing you can do to find it yourself. Rather than find yourself sitting around after your flight, take a few minutes beforehand to make it less likely that your luggage will get lost and more likely that it will find its way home if it is lost.


What is Radon and Why is Testing for This Deadly Element Often Need for a Home Closing?

Anyone who has purchased a home has probably been offered or been required to have a radon test performed before closing can proceed. But you may have wondered what radon is and why the test is even necessary. Radon is a naturally-occurring chemical element and the second-leading cause of lung cancer. Testing for it is very simple and mitigation methods can prevent it from becoming a health issue.

Dark Clouds Lightning

Rebuilding Your Finances After a Disaster Is Much Easier if You Take Some Basic Steps Now

In the days following a disaster, your first priorities are the safety of your family and meeting your day-to-day needs. But as help arrives and rebuilding begins, it is important to take smart and decisive steps to start putting your finances back together. If possible, you should take steps to start this process now before disaster strikes to make recovering from the unexpected much easier.

Shopping Carts

Knowing About the Sneaky Sales Techniques Used by Most Retailers Can Help You Save Money

Have you ever gone to the store with a careful plan to make a purchase for a certain price and leave feeling overcharged, cheated, or even scammed? This has happened to even the most savvy shoppers. Retailers use sneaky tactics to lure you to the store and to get you to spend more money than you expected. But knowing about how they do it can help you keep your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Stop Sign

Online Security: Tips to Protect Yourself and From Fraud When You Make Online Purchases

It can be a nearly impossible task to know exactly who you're dealing with when conducting any business online. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are still working hard to take advantage of you, and the tactics and technology they use is constantly evolving. While it's not possible to stop using the Internet these days, it is possible to protect yourself from becoming a victim of online fraud.

Air Conditioning Compressor

You Can Save Money on Your Air Conditioning and Summer Energy Costs With These Simple Tips

Even though a good bit of summer is behind us, summer temperatures will still be around for a while. That means that your home cooling system will be working hard to keep you and your family comfortable. But running the air conditioner doesn't have to break the bank. With just a little bit of work and these tips, you can spend your hard-earned money on something other than your home cooling bills.

Pills in Hand

Here's What You Need to Know in Order to Dispose of Old and Unused Medications Properly

If you look in your medicine cabinet, you will probably find some old medications you don't need anymore. Whether it's a prescription painkiller or something over-the-counter, you should properly dispose of old and unused medications to prevent them falling into the wrong hands where they can have potentially harmful effects. But how exactly do you do that? Some medications require proper disposal.

Dog Under Fence

Taking Your Furry Friend to the Vet Doesn't Always Mean That You'll End Up in the Dog House

If you have a furry friend, then you know that pets can be just as expensive as they are cute. Your pet's regular expenses, such as food, treats and toys, can often add up quickly. But a surprise medical expense, or even regular medical care, can put you in the dog house if you're not careful! But it is possible to keep your pets healthy and happy while keeping you expenses at the vet to a minimum.

Car Bumper

You May Be Able to Drop Full Coverage Auto Insurance and Have Liability Only to Save Money

Do you want to save money on car insurance? You can save money by dropping full coverage and having comprehensive or liability coverage only. But changing your insurance without doing your homework is risky. Even if your car isn't worth much, there may be good reasons why you need more coverage. But if you don't need full coverage, check to see how much money you can save by reducing your coverage.

New Cars on Lot

Low Interest Auto Financing Might Not Be the Best Deal if Other Incentives Are Available

You've probably never been offered a super low interest car loan rate that often. They exist, but are usually advertised as specials to move only certain cars that have been on the lot for a while. But even if you are offered a low interest rate, you can probably save more money by using rebates and other incentives and then either accepting a higher rate or getting your own financing elsewhere.

Car Crash

Know What to Do and Not to Do if Your Vehicle Breaks Down and Leaves You Stuck on the Road

Vehicle breakdowns are an unfortunate fact of life no matter which vehicle you drive. While many breakdowns can be prevented by taking simple precautions and performing preventive maintenance, some are sudden and can't be avoided with even the best planning. Whatever the case, you should know what to do to stay as safe as possible if you are unfortunate and suffer an unexpected vehicle breakdown.

Grapefruit Sliced

Grapefruit and Other Citrus Fruits Can Cause Serious Health Problems With Some Medications

While part of a balanced diet, grapefruit and some other citrus fruits can have serious interactions with certain medications. In fact, there are dozens of drugs known to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that interact with grapefruit alone, including many over-the-counter drugs. If you are taking any medications, check the drug safety information carefully for any food interactions.

Old Fashioned Clock

There Are Things You Can Do to Prevent Jet Lag From Turning Your Trips Into a Total Drag

If you've ever traveled to a different time zone, then you know how hard it can be to overcome the challenges of jet lag. Whether you're too tired to leave your room or starving at a time when it's inconvenient to eat, this temporary malady can make it hard for your body to adjust enough to enjoy your new surroundings. But there are ways that you can minimize the impact of jet lag when you travel.

Financial Aid

Student Loans: Know About These Different Options for Lowering and Eliminating Monthly Payments

Student loans are complicated and many things can go wrong when inexperienced young people have to pay back these loans. If you're a first-time borrower, you need to know the basics about paying back student loans and the different ways you can reduce or eliminate your payments. If you already have student loans, now is a good time to take a second look at your terms and the path to paying them off.

Baby at Beach

FDA to Parents: Avoid Putting Sunscreen on Infants if Possible, Instead Opting for Shade

You probably don't think twice about applying sunscreen when you head out to the pool or to the beach. But do you ever think about whether you should apply sunscreen to your baby's skin? You may think that it's perfectly safe to do this, but shade is often a better idea. Sunscreens are recommended for use by adults and its use on infants, especially those under six months of age, can be harmful.

Cell Phone on Desk

You Can Boost Your Cell Phone's Weak Signal For Better Reception And More Reliable Calling

There are many reasons that signal strength on your cell phone may be poor. It could be a problem with your phone's carrier, the materials used to construct the walls in your home that block the signal, or something as simple as a malfunctioning battery that isn't able to power the antenna. Regardless of the cause, there are ways to boost your cell phone's signal to get more reliable connections.


Fourth of July Fireworks Safety Tips: How to Enjoy This Holiday Free of Burns and Injuries

Ask any kid what the Fourth of July means and you'll probably hear something about fireworks. While adults know that Independence Day means more than fireworks, they have become synonymous with celebrating this special day. Whether you are breaking out the fireworks yourself or watching a show, get to know basic fireworks safety so you can enjoy the day without severe or even fatal injuries.

Clothing on Line

Do You Know if You Are Using Bleach Correctly in Your Laundry to Get the Whitest Whites?

When it comes to doing laundry, getting the whitest whites can seem like a big challenge. You may be tempted to buy certain bleach products that promise superior whitening power compared to other products. Should you believe the commercials or simply stick to your laundry detergent? Getting the whitest whites really comes down to the type of bleach you use in your laundry and how you use it.


You Can Save Money by Understanding the Fees and Costs When Buying and Selling Real Estate

Between the showings, inspections, and paperwork, it's easy to lose sight of how much you are paying for various things when buying and selling real estate. Most expenses are lumped into closing costs, which is what you pay at the end of the process to complete the transaction. You can save a lot of money if you pay attention to closing costs and understand exactly where your money is going.

Car Front Bumper

Title Loans May Give You Quick Money but Cost Thousands of Times More in Interest Charges

Are you strapped for cash? It seems that everyone these days could use a little extra money. To target people who need quick money, some lenders advertise short-term loans, called title loans, that use the collateral of your car. It's similar to a home equity loan, only a title loan can be much riskier and cost you a lot more money in interest charges. It can even cost you the car itself!

Bluetooth Earbuds

Don't Race to Replace Your Electronic Devices Now That Faster Bluetooth 5 is Finally Here

A lot electronic devices today, from phones to medical devices, have Bluetooth technology. With the vast proliferation of Bluetooth, having fasting and longer-range signals is very important. The new Bluetooth 5 specification is making things a lot faster and giving much better range, but you shouldn't start replacing your devices and peripherals just yet solely to take advantage of the changes.

Nurse and Patient

What to Do if Your Doctor or Healthcare Provider Is Not in Your Health Insurer's Network

Have you gone to the doctor only to find our that your health insurance company doesn't consider the provider in-network? It happens more than you would think, especially around the beginning of the year when insurance plans change. But if you find yourself facing a large bill, there are a few things you can do.

Laptop Outside

Working From Home Can Be Tempting, but Many Job Opportunities to Work From Home Are Scams

Most people would jump at the chance to work from home. The temptation to save money and stay in pajamas is great, and it only becomes greater when the job promises to pay thousands of dollars each week, even to those with little or no experience. Sound too good to be true? It probably is. If you see an offer like this, you should know the keys signs of a scam before you quit your day job.

Young Man Swimming Pool

How You Can Prevent Swimmer's Ear and Other Ear Infections That Peak During Warmer Weather

Warm weather is here and the kids are probably off swimming. But when water gets in the ear from any source, we run the risk of developing a painful infection known as swimmer's ear. This condition is relatively easy to treat, but preventing it is the best course of action. Take some precautions to keep swimmer's ear and other ear infections from causing pain and ruining a summer vacation.

Airline Window

Your Luggage Is Lost: Here Are Some Things You Can Do When Your Airline Misplaces Your Bags

You've finally landed at the airport after a long flight only to find that your luggage didn't make the trip with you. While it might be a minor inconvenience for some people, it can cause major stress to most everyone else. So, it's important to know what to do in the event your luggage doesn't end up with you at your final destination. Here are some things you can do if your bags are lost.

Grilling Food

Follow These Safety Tips in Order to Enjoy Your Backyard to the Fullest Extent This Summer

We are well on the way to the first day of summer. For some people, it means staying indoors and turning on the air conditioning. For most people, however, it means ballgames, family vacations and backyard grilling. If you're planning to use your backyard this summer, take a few moments now to make it as safe as possible so that you and your family can enjoy the warm weather with the least risk.

Person on Vacation

How to Keep Your Valuables Safe at Home and Abroad When You Leave for Your Next Vacation

When you go away on vacation, you really don't want to be worrying about your valuables. Taking them with you is pretty risky, especially since you're distracted by the new sights and sounds. But leaving them home can have risks, too. Regardless of whether you leave your valuables at home or take them with you, you should always be protecting them from theft when you take a vacation.

Subaru Bumper and Headlight

North Carolina Vehicle Inspection Checklist: What's Checked During A State Safety Inspection

The annual emission and safety vehicle inspection process in North Carolina can be a simple inconvenience or a nightmare. But too many people worry about seeing a check engine light, which could mean thousands of dollars in repairs, while ignoring the safety component of this annual check. Do you know what has to be in tiptop shape in order to pass the North Carolina Vehicle Safety Inspection?

Ice Cream Sundae

Sugar Substitutes Can Be Very Good for Your Diet, but Are Often Deadly When Eaten by Dogs

Using sugar-free sweeteners might be an effective way to cut sugar from your diet, but they can be very dangerous to man's best friend. Xylitol, in particular, is hazardous in small amounts and can be lethal when eaten by a dog. If you keep any sugar-free foods around the house, you should pay close attention to ensure your dog doesn't eat any and know the warning signs of xylitol poisoning.

Pills in Hand

Saving Money at the Pharmacy Counter: Here's How You Can Lower Your Prescription Drug Costs

If you are a budget-conscious consumer, you are always on the lookout for new and better ways to reduce your monthly expenses. But for many of us, prescription medications make up an ever-increasing portion of our monthly expenses. Did you know that you can save money by lowering the amount of money you pay for prescription drugs? Here are five tips to help you save money on prescription drugs.


Ventilation Is Crucial to Preventing Health Issues and Damage Caused by Bathroom Humidity

Ask you friends and family about how to improve air quality in your home and you'll probably get a wide variety of answers. We're willing to bet that none of those answers will involve a bathroom exhaust fan. Most people don't know that a bathroom exhaust fan is one of the most important air quality components of your home, removing humidity that can damage your home and cause health problems.

Apartment Exteriors

Fifteen Questions You Should Ask a Prospective Landlord Before Signing an Apartment Lease

Owning a home is part of the American dream, but it's not always within reach. If it's not within reach for you just yet, you'll likely be renting until that big day comes. But entering into a rental agreement is just as important as signing a mortgage agreement. It's important to know what to keep in mind, so here are fifteen questions to ask before signing your name to an apartment lease.

Typing Keyboard

Stronger Online Passwords Are the First Defense for Your Sensitive Personal Information

The biggest mistake people make with an online password is making it far too simple just to be able to remember it. While this used to be acceptable at one time, modern hackers can quickly decode simple passwords for virtually any account. Your life can be turned upside down from only one person gaining access to your personal information, so make it difficult for them by using strong passwords.

New Kitchen

You Can Save Serious Money on Your Home Insurance Quote With Hidden Home Insurance Credits

If you had a way to save money on your next home insurance quote, would you take advantage of it or let it go to waste? You would use it, of course, to save as much money as possible! There are a few hidden and lesser-known home insurance credits that can save you a lot of money on your insurance bill. Take a look at them and see if you qualify. You could find yourself saving hundreds of dollars.

Money in Wallet

How Late Can Payments Be Before Being Beginning to Negatively Affect Your Credit Worthiness?

Most people know that late payments on credit cards, car loans and mortgages affect their credit scores and their credit worthiness. But few people know that late payments don't always get reflected on credit reports. In fact, payments must be at least thirty days late before they can be reported to the credit bureaus, which gives you extra time to fix the issue if you happen to forget a payment.

Plane Window

What Really Happens With the Plane if You Don't Set Your Phone to Airplane Mode When Flying?

What happens if you don't put your cell phone into airplane mode when flying? Most people obey the order to disconnect. Others do not, yet the plane still lands safely. You may have even been guilty of turning off cellular data mistakenly believing that you're in airplane mode. But if planes aren't crashing because of phones, why should you put your phone into airplane mode during your next flight?

Cell Phone in Hand

Do You Really Understand What Those Mystery Fees and Charges Are on Your Monthly Phone Bill?

Whether your phone is a wireless device, a landline, or both, you know that you'll be getting a bill every month. But you may not know what each of those fees and charges listed on the bill actually mean. Savvy consumers know what they're paying for. So if you want to avoid any nasty surprises, get to know your bill now and make sure you understand each of those monthly phone bill charges.

Airline Jet

Lowest Cost Airline Tickets: Tips for Booking the Cheapest Airfare for Your Next Flight

It's a painful and sobering fact of flying. On your next flight, nearly everyone will have paid a different price for their seats depending upon when and how they booked. Was your ticket one of the cheapest? Even though it may seem daunting, you can also get low cost airline tickets the next time you fly just by taking advantage of the best times to buy, the best times to fly, and these other tips.

Summer Travel Van

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Ready for the Road Before You Embark on Your Summer Vacation

Whether you're headed to the beach, the lake, the mountains, or anywhere between, make sure your vehicle is safe and ready to roll this summer before you pack up and hit the asphalt. Take a little time to review the following safety checklist. After all, prevention and planning are much easier than dealing with the consequences of an unexpected highway breakdown or even a deadly crash.


Using Those Inexpensive Bleach Tablets in Your Toilet Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Using bleach tablets to clean the toilet may seem like a great way to save some cleaning time, not to mention avoiding the gloves, brush, and cleaner. But you could be doing a lot of damage to your toilet just by dropping that tablet in the water tank. Bleach tablets can slowly cause damage to the rubber seals inside your toilet, causing unexpected leaks and completely avoidable repair bills.

car refueling

High Octane Gasoline Doesn't Always Equal Better Performance or Even Better Fuel Economy

Your car's manual and gas cap both say to use regular unleaded gasoline. But would you get better performance and better fuel economy by switching from regular octane fuel to mid-grade or even premium fuel? Probably not. If your car was designed to run on regular unleaded gasoline, the only thing you'll notice by using a higher grade fuel is that it costs you more to fill up your tank.

Crowd of People

Top Tips for Spotting the Red Flags of a Scam and Keeping Your Money and Information Safe

Scammers are constantly coming up with new ways to fool their victims in an effort to steal money or sensitive personal information. While there are many different ploys and tactics used by these con artists, most scams will typically have several elements in common. If you are able to recognize the red flags of scams, you'll be in a much better position to stop scammers in their tracks.

Scam Alert

Scam Alert: Con Artists Are Targeting Consumers Going Through Bankruptcy Court Proceedings

People going through bankruptcy proceedings are already hard-pressed for money, but that doesn't stop the scammers from seeing a quick payday. Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of these good people who fell on hard times and use fear to steal whatever money they have left. If you or anyone you know is going through bankruptcy proceedings, watch out for these signs of a scam.

Credit Card

Each of the Dozens of Credit Scoring Models in the Credit Industry Gives a Different Credit Score

Most people don't know that there isn't one true credit score. In fact, there are a number of different credit scoring models and they vary from one place to another. So it's important to realize that the credit score you see, whether it be from one of the major credit reporting agencies or from your credit card company, isn't necessarily the score that's used for your credit decisions.

Business Open Sign

You Can Save Some Money With These Shopping Tips the Stores Want to Keep Hidden From You

Bargain hunters already save money regularly by cutting coupons and shopping during sales. But there are many other ways you can save money when shopping that the stores try to keep secret from you. So what do you do to save some money on your next shopping trip? Combining these shopping strategies with coupons and sales can help you save as much of your hard-earned money as possible!

Key In Door

Keep Your Valuables and Personal Info Safe When Potential Home Buyers Come to Check It Out

When we sell our homes, we pay so much attention to cleaning the counters and floors, painting the walls, and baking cookies. If you have a good Realtor, you'll know that potential buyers will be checking out much more than that! They won't just look around. They'll also be opening drawers and going places you wouldn't ordinarily expect. So it's important to take a few security precautions.

Graduation Cap Toss

All Student Loans Have Differences That You Should Review Carefully Before Accepting One

Applying for student loans isn't fun or easy. When you finally get a loan offer, you may be so excited that you accept it right away without hesitation. But you should be doing your research on all student loan offers before accepting one. There are many different types of students loans available and each one has different considerations that can make a huge difference when it's time to repay.

Gas Pump

Fuel Injector Cleaner: Should You Believe All the Hype and Advertisements or Steer Clear?

We've all seen the advertisements on TV, in magazines, and in the automotive section of the local store for fuel injector cleaner. The advertisements typically promise performance gains and better fuel economy, not to mention a very convincing before and after comparison photo showing how much cleaner your fuel injectors can become. But how much truth is there to all the hype and advertisements?

Hard Drive

Keep the Inside of Your Computer Clean and It Will Be Faster, Cooler, and More Efficient

Many of us know the importance of keeping our computer's software updated in order to keep it running at its best. But not many people know about the importance of keeping the inside of our computers properly maintained in order to get the longest life and best performance. A computer that can't 'breath' properly is prone to overheating, which can cause slowdowns, shutdowns, and heat damage.

Law Books

Class Action Lawsuits Seem Good, but Have a Lot of Drawbacks That Don't Make Them Ideal

We're sure you've heard people talking about how much a class action lawsuit is needed for a particular legal problem. But most people really don't know anything about class action lawsuits, let alone the potential drawbacks they can bring. While class action lawsuits can do good by (eventually) punishing a company for doing wrongs, it's usually the lawyers, not the consumers, who get a fat check.

Man on Rock

Avoid Travel Scams With These Tips When You're Making Plans for Your Next Summer Vacation

The summer travel season is almost here, meaning many families are gearing up to hit the road for the unofficial start of summer. But not much can ruin your great vacation faster than falling for a scam or realizing that you're on the wrong end of a bad deal. Before you find yourself trying to salvage your summer vacation plans, check out these tips about scam prevention and protecting your money.


Does Your Car Have Small Scratches in Its Clearcoat Finish? Use Toothpaste to Remove Them!

Who knew that toothpaste could be so versatile? You use toothpaste to clean and polish your teeth. But have you ever considered using toothpaste to polish out those small scratches in your car's clearcoat finish? We're guessing that you haven't. So, the next time your car gets a small scratch, consider reaching for a damp cloth and your favorite tube of toothpaste before more expensive solutions.


Behind on Your Auto Loan: Tips to Get You Back on the Road to on-time Payments Once Again

Ensuring that you pay your bills on time is essential to maintaining or improving your financial situation. Late payments will show up on your credit report, hurt your credit scores, and limit your ability to get other credit. So what should you do if you're one of about 6 million people who fall 90 days or more behind on your car payments? There are things you should do when calling your lender.

Arbitration Papers

Mandatory Arbitration Clauses Are Everywhere but Aren't Really That Good for the Consumer

You may have heard of arbitration, but you probably don't know exactly what it entails. Arbitration is another method of resolving disputes where parties present their sides of a complaint to an independent person who then decides on the rules, facts of the case, and arguments before making a decision on the dispute. It's similar to court proceedings, but you're not in front of a judge or a jury.

Airline Cabin

Increase Your Odds of a Free First Class or Business Class Upgrade on Your Upcoming Flight

If you're like most travelers, you don't buy first class or business class tickets when you fly. But it can be hard walking through those sections as you walk to the back of the plane. The people sitting in the front may have paid for their tickets since the cost for those seats has fallen, but some of them may have gotten free upgrades. How can you get a free first class or business class upgrade?

Car Repair

You're Changing Your Oil Far Too Often if You Still Buy Into the 3,000 Mile Oil Change Myth

The days of the 3,000 mile oil change are long gone, yet many car owners are still wasting money on oil changes done far too frequently. Even basic motor oils last much longer than 3,000 miles, but many people blindly follow the oil change sticker in the corner of the windshield. Oil change ares a big money maker for shops, which don't want you to know that you can push your oils changes further.

Credit Reports

You Get Free Credits Reports Every Year Without Having to Sign Up for Special Services

You hear about free credit reports everywhere, but they're rarely ever free. In fact, you'll probably have to enroll for future recurring charges or pay fees for other unanticipated services. Before you jump into something that you don't fully understand, you should know there is a truly free option out there. You can get a truly free credit report each year from each of the three major credit bureaus.

Burned Home

Your Gas Water Heater and Other Appliances May Be at Risk of a Sudden and Deadly Flashback Fire

Do you know if your home's gas-fueled water heater safe? In all likelihood, there's probably nothing wrong with it. But there is a hidden danger in all gas water heaters, or any gas-fueled appliance with a pilot light, that most people don't know about until it's too late. What is that hidden danger? These appliances have pilot lights, which can ignite certain vapors, producing sudden flashback fires.


Stay Back 200 Feet - Not Responsible For Windshields Is Scare Tactic To Avoid Insurance Claims

You may have seen the signs on the back of nearly every dump truck as you drive down the highway. Stay Back 200 Feet - Not Responsible For Windshields is a scare tactic the owners of the trucks often use to frighten you into not filing an insurance claim against them for your broken windshield. But in North Carolina, you can file a claim for damages caused by something falling from one of these trucks.

Car Exhaust

Federal Emissions Warranties Are Often Forgotten or Overlooked When Your Vehicle Needs Repairs

What is the federal emissions warranty and what does it cover? If you don't know, you're not alone. Most people don't know about the federal emissions warranty, let alone the provisions of the law that allow you to have free repairs for certain emission-related defects. If you're one of those people, don't spend money needlessly or going without free repairs to your vehicle's emission system.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards Are Convenient, but Can Cause Unexpected Headaches When Traveling Internationally

If you're planning to take a trip outside the country, your credit cards may not be that much of a priority. But if you're not careful, you can rack up a lot of unexpected fees and charges, which can tarnish the memories of your trip. Never assume that your credit cards will work the same way abroad as they will at home. So before you use your credit cards outside the country, keep these things in mind.

Cell Phone

Watch Out for Strange Text Messages Trying to Steal Your Personal and Financial Information

If you get a strange text message from an email address or number you don't recognize, it's probably best to ignore it. Believe it or not, responding to one of these messages can cause you a lot of unforeseen problems. You might find that you suddenly have unwanted charges on your phone bill or have become the victim of identity theft. In any case, you're confirming to scammers that your number is good.

Credit Cards Pocket

Avoid These Balance Transfer Credit Card Traps That Can Increase Your Total Debt, Not Reduce It

When trying to get out of credit card debt, many people want to transfer their card balances to one or more balance transfer cards, which often have a zero percent promotional interest rate. When used correctly, balance transfer cards can be a great way to help you get out of debt faster. But if you're not careful, balance transfer cards can put you further in the hole with unexpected fees and terms.

Jet over City

What Should You Know About Air Turbulence and How to Protect Yourself During Your Next Flight

Experiencing a turbulent flight can be unnerving to even the most seasoned air traveler. The worst is that it's completely unavoidable, even creeping up on your flight on a perfectly clear day. But while air turbulence is an accepted part of air travel, there are some things you should do to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you on your next flight should sudden air turbulence crop up.

Backup Camera

Federal Laws Do Not Require a Credit Check if You Bring Your Own Financing to the Car Dealership

Whether you are the kind of car buyer who already has financing in place when going to check out new cars or if you just have a sudden urge to stop by the lot on the way home, there's something you need to know to avoid becoming a victim of an unscrupulous car dealer or salesman. Regardless of what you might hear, the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 does not require that the dealership perform a credit check.


Tips to Help You if Your Windows Device Seems to Be Dropping Your Wireless Internet Connection

Ever want to get online but receive an error message that the connection is unavailable? The inability to get online is often related to the need to reboot or reset your hardware, but we've investigated and have a step-by-step series of procedures for you to consider in order to get you reconnected to the world. While these steps might not fix your problem, they may point you in the right direction.

Doctor Supplies

It's Probably Not Cancer: Self-Diagnosis Using Online Medical Information Is Rarely Reliable

Modern technology has put a wealth of information of all types at our fingertips, so it's little wonder that we turn to Google at the first sign of a problem. Unfortunately, when we self-diagnose our medical concerns with the help of online resources such as search engines and WebMD, we are often inaccurate. The result is a sense of panic about a medical condition that in all likelihood doesn't apply.

Financial Aid

Tuition Payment Plans Can Help You Pay for Higher Education and Make Student Loans Unnecessary

Students getting ready to go college have a lot on their minds: finding classes, decorating dorm rooms, catching up with friends, and figuring out the best way to balance a job. With these concerns weighing on them, the thought of how to pay tuition is one thing that many students and their parents would prefer not to worry about. But there are options available to make it a bit easier.

Medical Doctor

Industry Responding to Increasing Public Pressure to Address Rising Cost of Life-Saving Insulin

If you are one of the millions of Americans who need life-saving insulin, you know that its cost has increased a lot over recent years. Responding to public pressure, the industry is taking steps to lower these rising costs. Insulin is used to treat type diabetes, a condition where the body fails to regulate its own insulin supply and that costs about $330 billion in health care expenditures annually.

car bumper

Certain Allergy Medications Can Seriously Impact Your Ability to Drive or Operate Machinery

Seasonal allergies are once again starting to take off. Before you start taking allergy medications, it's important to know that some of them, even when taken properly, can have unexpected side effects that leave you slow to react and unexpectedly drowsy. These effects can be worsened when combined with other medications or alcohol. So you need to be careful if you plan to drive or operate machinery.

lawn mower

Spring Allergy Season Is Upon Us, So Start Your Precautions Now to Avoid a Miserable Reaction

Spring temperatures are finally here. But don't rejoice just yet since it's also the time of the year when you can write your name in yellow pollen everywhere. If you're one of the unfortunate people who suffer from seasonal allergies, you're probably already barricading the doors and windows for the oncoming siege. But there are things you can do to treat and prevent seasonal allergies.

Home Sold Sign

Watch Out for Scammers Targeting Home Buyers at Closing if You're in the Market for a New Home

Are you thinking about buying a new home? It's almost the most popular time of the year for home sales, and you wouldn't be alone if you're thinking about jumping into the housing market. If you are looking, you should also be looking for scammers that want to steal your closing cost funds by pretending to be your real estate agent, closing attorney, title company, escrow company, or mortgage company.

Cadillac Steering Wheel

GM Recalling Various Vehicles to Replace Steering Gear Over Loss of Power Steering Concerns

General Motors (GM) is recalling certain 2016-2018 Cadillac CTS, 2017 Cadillac ATS, 2017 Chevrolet Camaro, and 2017 Chevrolet Corvette vehicles. The electric power steering (EPS) assist system may fail while driving. If power steering assist is lost, manual steering functionality is retained but would require increased steering effort, particularly at lower speeds, increasing the risk of a crash.

GMC Grille

GM Pickup Trucks Recalled With Fuel Tanks That Can Expand and Become Punctured by Driveshaft

General Motors (GM) is recalling certain 2016-2018 GMC Sierra 3500 and Chevrolet Silverado 3500 trucks equipped with gasoline engines and dual fuel tanks. The fuel level sensor in the front fuel tank may stick in a low-level position, allowing the rear tank to overfill the front tank. If the front tank is overfilled, it may expand and contact the driveshaft, causing a fuel leak that can lead to a fire.

Bananas On Shelf

Reusable Grocery Bags: Great for the Environment but Can Make You Sick if They Are Contaminated

If you are like many grocery shoppers, you use reusable grocery bags to lessen your impact on the environment. Taking advantage of these heavy duty bags makes it easier to move your groceries from cart to car and then inside your home. But there's a hidden danger many people don't know about when it comes to these bags. Depending upon what you carry in these bags, you can be putting your health at risk.

Car Dealer

When Can Your Car Dealer Void Your Vehicle's Warranty or Deny Auto Warranty Service Claims?

Can a dealer void your car's warranty if you have someone else do routine maintenance on your vehicle? What if you use aftermarket parts to make repairs or to perform your maintenance? What if you have made upgrades to the car, such as installing a new audio system or new lighting? What if your vehicle has undergone body work. The answer is usually no, but it could be yes depending upon the work done.

Chrysler Badge

Chrysler Recalls Certain Pacifica Vehicles Due to Control Arm Separation From Steering Knuckle

Chrysler is recalling certain 2018 Pacifica and Pacifica hybrid vehicles. Some vehicles built during a certain date range may experience a separation of the right front lower control arm from the steering knuckle. If this separation occurs while the vehicle is in motion, the driver may experience a loss of directional control. A loss of directional control can cause vehicle crash without prior warning.

Home Front

Deceptive Mortgage Advertisements: What They Say, What They Leave Out, and What They Cost You

If you're looking for a mortgage, you may find ads offering low rates or payments. Whether you see them on the Internet, on television or in the paper, or whether they come by fax or mail, some ads look like they're from your mortgage company or a government agency. Remember that while the offers are tempting, some are flawed and don't disclose the true terms of the deal as required by law.

Scam Invoice

The Yellow Page Business Directory Invoice Scam Continues to Claim Victims in North Carolina

Businesses of all sizes should be on alert for fake invoices for supposed listings in the Yellow Pages or other business directories, which are once again increasing in frequency. While it can be very easy to fall for this particular scam, it can also be easy to spot if you know what to do. Knowing what this scam is all about before you fall victim and lose your hard-earned money is your the first step.

Kia Wheel

Kia Recalls Sedona Vehicles With Possibly Damaged Wire Harness Affecting Air Bag Deployment

Kia is recalling certain 2015-2018 Sedona vehicles with manually-adjusted front passenger seats. Over time, the Occupant Detection System (ODS) wiring harness located underneath the front passenger seat may bend from the weight of the passenger on the seat cushion. Over time, repeated bending can break the wire harness, causing the ODS to not suppress the front passenger airbag in certain conditions.

Amazon Box

Amazon Day Allows Amazon Prime Members to Get Packages All at Once on Chosen Day Each Week

Amazon is giving Prime members a new option when it comes to getting deliveries. Members who want to have all orders delivered on one particular day of the week in one shipment as opposed to throughout the week in multiple shipments can now choose an 'Amazon Day.' Amazon hopes this new program can cut back on shipping waste resulting from multiple deliveries and give members a regular delivery schedule.