Membership Non-Renewal

Thanks for letting us know that you won't be renewing. We're sorry that we bugged you with our mailings!

Complete this short form to stop all mailings. For immediate results, log in to your account and click the "renewal preferences" button.

Things to note:

  • Once you submit this form, you won't receive renewal requests for your member ID.
  • This has no impact on the tax-deductibility of previous payments. All payments are still 100% tax-deductible.
  • If you are registered for any member benefits, you will still receive notices from us regarding those benefits until your membership expires. For example, if you are enrolled for auto recall alerts, you will still receive recall alerts.
  • Your member benefits, including credit union eligibility, will end when your membership expires. If you are already past due, your benefits will end immediately.

Complete the Form

If the name on your mailing is incorrect or incomplete, please enter your correct name in order to properly honor your request and to merge accounts in the event a credit union or auto dealership enrolls you for a new membership at a later date.

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