North Carolina Food and Drug Protection Division

A division of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, the North Carolina Food and Drug Protection Division provides services that promote and improve agriculture, agribusiness and forests and conserves farmland and natural resources for the prosperity of all North Carolinians.

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services divisions have responsibilities in regulatory and service areas covering:

  • agronomy;
  • animal health;
  • weights and measures;
  • gas and oil inspection;
  • crop and livestock statistics;
  • USDA commodity distribution;
  • state farm operations;
  • food, drug and cosmetic testing for purity;
  • agricultural marketing and promotion;
  • agricultural marketing grading;
  • international agricultural crop and livestock marketing;
  • operation of the North Carolina State Fair and North Carolina Mountain State Fair;
  • operation of four state farmers markets;
  • research station operations;
  • seed and fertilizer inspection;
  • nursery and plant pest eradication activities;
  • regulation of the structural pest control industry;
  • agricultural environmental issues;
  • soil and water conservation;
  • forest management and protection;
  • state and federal agricultural legislation;and
  • agricultural economic analysis.

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