The reminder was issued following a gas pipeline explosion in Alabama

Pipeline in Alaska / Attorney General Reminds Consumers That Price Gouging Law Is Still in Effect
Image: Pixabay
November 01, 2016

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper is reminding consumers that the state's law against price gouging is still in effect for gasoline and that anyone who sees a violation of the law should report it.

the North Carolina Attorney General's Office continues to investigate numerous such reports of price gouging provided by consumers.

"Consumers are our eyes and ears on the ground and we use their complaints to investigate possible price gouging," Cooper said. "If you spot excessive prices during this time of crisis please let us know."

Cooper issued the reminder in the wake of an explosion along the main gas pipeline in Alabama that transports fuel to North Carolina. The explosion closed the pipeline and may limit gas supplies.

The pipeline was shut down once before in September, triggering the price gouging law. It was then triggered in October by Hurricane Matthew and is still in effect across the state.

Cooper is now investigating certain businesses for potential price gouging violations linked to the hurricane, as well as violations due to the problems with the pipeline in September.

Consumers who see a price gouging violation and wish to report it can do so in three ways: by mailing a complaint, by filing a complaint online, or by calling the North Carolina Attorney General's Office at (877) 566-7226.