Phony Treasury Inspectors try to Scam Money from NC Residents
Image: NCCC

Phony Treasury Inspectors try to Scam Money from NC Residents

January 12, 2016

The latest scam hitting North Carolina consumers involves the state treasurer's office.

According to a warning from the North Carolina Attorney General's Office, scammers are trying to con people out of money by claiming to be an inspector with the state treasurer's office. If they don't pay up, the scammer threatens the potential victim with arrest.

The North Carolina Attorney General's Office has already received one report of a North Carolina resident getting one of these calls. The phony inspector, Henry Jordan, told the consumer that a warrant would be issued for his wife's arrest if she didn't take the call. The consumer recognized the scam and reported it.

Using special spoofing software, the scammer was able to fake the name of the agency on the phone's Caller ID. Caller ID shouldn't be used to determine the veracity of a caller since the number can be easily faked.

Financial scams like these are bound to increase as we quickly head into tax season.

Remember, law enforcement officers and government officials will never call and threaten to arrest you. If there is a problem, these agencies will reach out to you first by mail. If you're unsure if the call you're receiving is real, hang up and call back on a number you know is legitimate.

To report a scam, contact the North Carolina Attorney General's Office.