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We'd love to help you with everything, but a lot of things are beyond our control and beyond our ability to handle. Before reaching out, please take a moment to review some of the things below that we can't do but that consumers ask about frequently:

  • We do not work on behalf of or represent individual consumers in any way.
  • We don't and can't provide legal advice. Legal advice should be obtained through the North Carolina Law Directory or through your own attorney.
  • We can't force a business to do anything. If you send us a complaint, we won't contact the business, follow up or intervene. Complaints should be directed to the appropriate agency or to the North Carolina Attorney General's Office. You can review general complaint information and legal help options in the resources bar above.
  • We are not an advocacy organization and do not conduct lobbying activities.
  • We don't have more information about articles on our site. If you have questions about a particular article, contact the parties referenced in the article.
  • We can't speak specifically regarding state laws, policies and regulations, especially with how they apply to certain situations. For specific questions about laws and their applicabilities, contact the appropriate governmental agencies.
  • We don't provide utility location or marking services, which are available by dialing 811 from any phone in North Carolina.
  • We don't issue recalls nor are we responsible for recall compliance. Please don't send us recalled items.
  • We don't administer settlements. If you have questions about any settlement, contact the appropriate settlement administrator.
  • We don't give or find financial support for consumers who need redress.
  • We don't participate in consumer rebates or consumer reimbursement.