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North Carolina Tenant Rights: Relationships Between Tenants and Landlords Can Be Complex

The laws governing the relationship between a landlord and a tenant are complex and come from several different sources in North Carolina. Most disagreements occur because of misunderstandings.

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Selling Your Home: Stand Out With Tips to Sell Quickly and for Top Dollar

Have you finally made the decision to sell your home? Is it ready for the market? You can make your home stand out from the others, sell quickly and sell for the highest dollar with some simple tweaks.

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Are Tankless Water Heaters a Worthwhile Investment, or Just a Lot of Hot Water?

For some consumers, a tankless water heater can pay itself off quickly. There is, however, more that goes into making the decision to replace your bulky water heater with a slim tankless model.


How to Save Money by Making Common Household Products Last Longer

If you're trying to stick to a budget, you may not be surprised to learn that stretching out the lifespan of items you already have will help you to spend much less on buying new products.

Clothes Drying

Are You Using Bleach Correctly In Your Laundry to Get The Whitest Whites?

Consumers have written us about the commercials they see promising the whitening powers of bleach for their laundry. They ask whether they should believe the commercials or simply stick to only using detergent. Well, it all comes down to how you use the bleach and the type of bleach you use.


To Bleach or Not to Bleach: Should You Use Bleach Tablets in Your Toilets?

Using bleach tablets to clean the toilet is one way to save time, not to mention avoiding the gloves, brush, and cleaner. But it turns out that bleach tablets can slowly cause damage to the rubber seals inside your toilet, causing unexpected leaks and repair bills.


Want to Work from Home? Think about These Hidden Costs

Whether it's telecommuting or freelancing, many people dream of having the opportunity to work from home. But there are costs associated with working from home that people often fail to take into account.

Burned Home

Your Gas Water Heater and Other Appliances May Be at Risk of a Sudden and Deadly Flashback Fire

Do you know if your home's gas-fueled water heater safe? In all likelihood, there's probably nothing wrong with it. But there is a hidden danger in all gas water heaters, or any gas-fueled appliance with a pilot light, that most people don't know about until it's too late. What is that hidden danger? These appliances have pilot lights, which can ignite certain vapors, producing sudden flashback fires.

Save Money On Your Home Insurance Quote With Hidden Home Insurance Credits

Save Money On Your Home Insurance Quote With Hidden Home Insurance Credits

If you had a way to save money on your next home insurance quote, would you use it? Of course. See if you qualify for these hidden and lesser-known home insurance credits that can save you a lot of money!


Fifteen Questions to Ask the Landlord before Signing an Apartment Lease

Although many people aspire to own a home one day, most have to settle for an apartment until they can afford a house. For these people, it is important to know as much about the property in question as possible before signing the lease.

Many people Underestimate the Important of Proper Ventilation in Humid Bathrooms

Many people Underestimate the Important of Proper Ventilation in Humid Bathrooms

Ask you friends and family about how to improve air quality in your home and you'll probably get a variety of answers. But we're willing to bet that none of those answers will involve a bathroom exhaust fan.

save money on home cooling costs

Consumer Tips: Save Money on Your Summer Home Cooling Costs

Summer is here and the mercury is rising! With just a little bit of work and these tips from NCCC, you can save some serious cash this summer on your home cooling bills. It's easier than you may think!

Full Refrigerator

Food Safety Tips: Keeping Perishable Food Safe Is Critical Whenever Your Power Goes Out

Anytime your power goes out due to high winds, snow, ice, thunderstorms, hurricanes, floods, fire, or anything that causes electrical failure, the safety of the food inside your refrigerator and freezer is immediately jeopardized. Knowing how to determine if food is safe and how to keep it safe will help you minimize the potential loss of food spoilage and reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

Call Before You Dig

Dial 811 From Any Phone In North Carolina Before You Dig To Locate Utility Lines

Are you a homeowner or contractor who is planning a construction project that involves digging? There may be utilities like electrical, water, sewer or telephone lines in the area. Contact NC811—call before you dig!

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Sugar Substitute Is Good For Your Diet, But Deadly For Dogs

Using sugar-free sweeteners might be an effective way to cut sugar from your diet, but they can be a danger to your dog.


The Better Business Bureau Can't Do What You Think It Can Do

Many consumers are surprised to learn that the Better Business Bureau is unable to assist them in resolving their issues and that it is not even a government agency.

Fresh Produce

Tips for the Safe Purchase, Preparation, and Consumption of Fresh Produce

Since fresh produce is often grown in uncontrolled environments, there is always a chance for contamination. Follow these FDA tips to help ensure that you're adequately protecting yourself and your family.

Key In Door

Keep Your Valuables and Personal Info Safe When Potential Home Buyers Come to Check It Out

When we sell our homes, we pay so much attention to cleaning the counters and floors, painting the walls, and baking cookies. If you have a good Realtor, you'll know that potential buyers will be checking out much more than that! They won't just look around. They'll also be opening drawers and going places you wouldn't ordinarily expect. So it's important to take a few security precautions.

Winter Road

Freezing Water Pipes Are a Big Problem in the South, but You Can Take Simple Steps to Prevent Them

It's never too late to safeguard your plumbing against freezing temperatures, especially with the wild temperature swings we experience here in North Carolina. Taking a little bit of time and spending a few dollars can save you thousands of dollars in preventable repairs down the road.

Puppy in Grass

Winter Weather Means You Need to Take Extra Care of Your Dog's Skin and Coat

Even though we've had periods of spring weather already this winter, the cold temperatures will be here for a while. As your dog spends more time warm indoors during the winter months, it can be easy to let regular grooming slide. However, it's especially important during this time of year to continue with a grooming routine that will keep your pup healthy and comfortable.