Our Story

Like most good things, NCCC got its start quite accidentally during a back porch dinner party in Raleigh on a summer evening in August 1967.

We don't really know who started the conversation, but the topic quickly turned toward the unfairness of a 1966 MG sedan that kept breaking down, a trailer repossessed a few months shy of its final loan payment, and the lack of consumer representation and protection in North Carolina.

The idea popped into someone's head that there should be an organization in North Carolina to look out for the little folks, and that's how NCCC was born!

We got our startup money from the North Carolina Fund and from the very first members to put their faith in us, including then Governor Bob Scott, our first member. Members of President Lyndon B. Johnson's Cabinet and the North Carolina General Assembly were instrumental in jumpstarting our first year, attending every meeting and speaking to the amount of good a consumer organization could do for North Carolina.

Many decades have passed, each one bringing something new and exciting. We've won some. We've lost some. But everything we learned throughout the years has benefited generations of North Carolinians and, consequently, the nation.

With the concern for consumer rights growing once again, our membership has grown. Today, we have members nationwide who value the work our team does on a daily basis.

Today, we are one of many consumer organizations across the United States but still remain the first and only broadly-reaching consumer organization representing the entire state of North Carolina.