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Member Discounts

It really does pay to be a member! Our members save money nationwide on travel, movies, car rentals, theme parks, cabins, popular online vendors, and more!

As soon as you become a North Carolina Consumers Council member, you have access to our easy-to-use discount provider offering thousands of money-saving discounts.

A year of membership is only $20. It can pay for itself with the first discount!

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Credit Union Eligibility

NCCC has partnerships with credit unions in North Carolina in an effort to give our members with an interest in promoting consumer protection in North Carolina an option for low-cost financial services with great customer service.

All credits unions have their own unique qualifications for membership. Membership in NCCC does not guarantee that you will be accepted for membership in any partner credit union.

Contact a partner credit union directly to apply for credit union membership. Members can learn more about credit union eligibility and print an eligibility confirmation in the Member Center.

Current Partners & Rates

Auto Recall Alerts

There are so many recalls issued. We help you stay on top of them!

Register your vehicles in your account and we'll notify you each time a recall is issued.

We are always up to date on the latest recalls. When we get notice of a recall, we check all member vehicles for potential matches. If your vehicle is involved in the recall campaign, we will notify you with details.

We also verify with the manufacturer each month whether older or as yet unannounced recalls exist for your vehicles.

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Do Not Call Signup

Members get free indirect registration to the National Do Not Call Registry in order to reduce the amount of telemarketing calls coming to your phone.

Don't be fooled by pay services that charge you a fee for each number you register. If you are a current member, we will register all of your phone numbers free of charge.

Most consumers see a drop in legitimate telemarketing calls within thirty days.

Junk Mail Opt Out

Who likes opening a mailbox to find nothing but junk mail? Well, you can now limit the amount of junk mail you receive. Opt out of junk mail by logging in to your account.

Members get free registration to third-party Mail Preference Services in order to reduce the amount of junk mail coming to your home. Marketing companies use Mail Preference Services to purge addresses of consumers who do not want to receive promotional offers and other junk mail.

Most consumers see a drop in legitimate junk mail within ninety days.

Junk Email Opt Out

Just like finding junk mail in your mailbox, we don't want our inboxes clogged with junk email. You can limit the amount of legitimate promotional emails by logging in to your account.

Members get free registration to third-party Email Preference Services in order to reduce the amount of junk email. Marketing companies use Email Preference Services to purge email addresses of consumers who do not want to receive promotional offers and other forms of email marketing. Most consumers see a drop in legitimate junk email within ninety days.

Notary Public Services

We provide free notary public services for all members.

All parties must present positive proof of identity via government-issued identification and sign the documents in the presence of the notary public. You are responsible for ensuring that all witnesses are present. Staff members cannot serve as witnesses.

Our licensed professional notary public services are available at our Raleigh office during normal business hours. You may also utilize this benefit at any participating partner credit union branch with proof of NCCC membership.

The Gripe Vine

The Gripe Vine is a member-only complaint filing service that takes the guesswork out of filing consumer product and service complaints!

Submit your complaint with us once so we can process it through the appropriate government agencies on your behalf.

We will file on your behalf complaints that involve a product or a service. We are not able to accept complaints that are of a personal nature or that do not involve the direct purchase or use of a product or service.

What are the membership requirements if I am interested in joining NCCC?

All prospective members must pay a membership fee and should have an interest in consumer education and protection in North Carolina.

What is the membership fee?

The minimum term is one year and the cost is currently $20. We offer discounts for joining for more than one year.

Term Cost Savings
1 Year$20
2 Years$3025%
3 Years$4230%
4 Years$5235%
5 Years$6040%
10 years$10050%

What is your refund policy?

Because membership gives you eligibility to join state and federally regulated credit unions, all memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason.

Once I have joined, what are my obligations?

Once you are a member, you choose how active to be with your membership. You are under no obligations to do anything once you have your membership, but we hope you stay involved!

When can I start using my member benefits?

You can use any member benefit as soon as your membership is active!

Is the membership tax-deductible?

Yes! We post a statement to your online account in January for you to use when completing your yearly taxes.

How does a credit union or business know I'm a member?

If you are applying for credit union membership or using a member discount, a representative can verify your membership via our website using your Member ID. You may also print a member verification from your online account.